Solar Energy

Why should you care?

The health and environmental problems are elevated by the air pollution. The best thing about solar energy is that it doesn't produce any air pollution. The solar energy produced by the solar system is quiet, renewable and inexhaustible. Plus, it doesn't create any hazardous waste. No maintenance or intervention is required initially once the solar panel is set up. Once the units are installed, there is not further cost for the energy produced.

Global Warming

Solar energy does not produces greenhouse gases, therefore has no harmful effects on the environment. Greenhouse gas can be found in the atmosphere of the earth and is essential for earth's survival. Earth reflect the energy towards the space as infrared radiation/ heat when the sunlight strikes on it. The heat is absorbed by the greenhouse gases and trapped in the atmosphere in order to maintain the warmth and stability of the planet earth. Earth would be uninhabitable without these gases.

Natural occurring greenhouse as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor and nitrous oxide is a good thing, but it is also produced by human beings through industry which is a bad thing. Natural greenhouse gases maintain symbiotic balance between the energy arriving from the sun, and the amount of energy leaving; thus keeping the planet at same temperature. The unnatural greenhouse gases produced by people is tipping this balance and letting the earth keep more heat. The production of unnatural greenhouse gases is causing global warming. Fortunately, no greenhouse gases are produced by solar energy.

The Facts

Solar power causes no pollution, however manufacturing companies must not neglect the impact of environmental pollution during manufacture and construction. Once set up, the system can operate with minimal maintenance. Cost of production has decreased as better technology is introduced, resulting in supply of economical solar energy systems. At any point, solar power can be made available to approximately half the planet.

A decade old local solar company

GreenBrilliance makes sure that every house gets a custom made solar solution. GreenBrilliance is an old, experienced and trusted solar systems manufacturing company and our delivers all different sorts of solar systems, from roof to ground, small to utility scale, with battery and grid tied. GreenBrilliance is your one stop shop, which is just a call/ text away to give you free consultation about the right solar system for your building.

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